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7th-Sep-2030 02:48 pm - Don't want your bad romance
take me away from here
Sorry Lj, but...

It was an interesting 6 years. I met people, found neat things and learned a lot of good stuff here. There's still so much life around this place. Hell, I even put up with the ads (and accidentally found out that the "No Ads" on Basic accounts don't apply if you're not logged in).

But I don't appreciate having to jump through a lot of hoops to maintain some semblance of Net privacy. I'm not comfortable with just anyone knowing or being able to know who I am or what I do. It's why I stay away from things like Friendster, Facebook and Twitter in the first place.


For my f-list peeps (all 10? 5? 3? of you XD) I doubt I'll be purging this account anytime soon, if at all. Definitely checking in from time to time, since Dreamwidth can't friend LJ pages. But all my updating will be done at the new place. If y'all get your own accounts, drop me a line so I can friend you too! I've still got codes if anyone's interested.

Catch you later!
Image by wendleberry
Oh, LJ, you cheat. Showing ads on my BASIC account of a journal only when I'm NOT logged in. Your ads are harshing my pretty new layout on a BASIC account, which is not supposed to show ads.

Knock it off with the asshaberdashery - after that thing with cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter, I think you've had more than enough fail!string to knot yourself with.

20th-Aug-2010 12:21 pm - Dreamwidth Invite Codes, GET!
I've got 7 brand spankin' new invite codes for Dreamwidth! If you want one just comment and I'll send it over!
8th-Aug-2010 12:59 am(no subject)
Trying to review while cold meds are screwing with the brain is not productive. At all. Cough and colds came at a sucky time, because dammit I could not review for midterms while falling asleep!

I've still got a cough, and while my cold's still bad enough to deprive me of smell and taste, at least the exams are over. Must get back to work, and study, and LET review, and mainlining watching Farscape every now and then!
18th-Jul-2010 09:23 pm - Drive-by randomness
I have an Optimus Prime voice changer for the night, but no brother to prank as he seems to have chosen today to sleep in.

I intend to correct this as soon as he picks up the phone.


I just I don't even *wild hand-flailing* And it's for THIS YEAR January 2011!

IT COMBINES MY LOVE FOR ANIMATION AND AN ENJOYABLE STORY (at least, I hope it'll be enjoyable and better crafted than what the TV series became in the end). But that is of little import at the moment, because OMG WHO WILL DUB THESE GUYS?! WHAT'RE THE OP AND ED SONGS GOING TO BE LIKE? WILL THE ART BE GOOD? DO THEY GET IMAGE SONGS? WHO SINGS? OH THE FANSERVICE POSSIBILITIES!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG It's the speculation and the wild hoping that gets me so so so so so excited!

30th-May-2010 12:37 pm - AKA The Recital, and Prince of Persia
[hp] gryffindor
Piano recital: Over and done with!

I don't even know why I agreed to join this summer's recital. I always get nervous and panicky onstage, I overanalyze/stare too long at my piece and start to forget the notes, I play too fast (not that the audience notices)... *sigh* Seems like live performance is not my thing.

Prince of Persia: is only mildly spoilery but still under the cutCollapse )
26th-May-2010 06:09 pm - Super Sentai! And no more bees!
My mother is the Death of Bees. And that particular night will probably go down in family (immediate and extended) as The Bee Story. That is all.

A few years ago I almost spent a four-digit amount on unsubbed/dubbed VCDs of Hikari Sentai Maskman. Given the relative shadiness of the transaction, and especially upon consultation with the more level-headed people *cough*le_chatnoir *cough*riisha, among others, I held off.

Five years later, it's all on YouTube. With English subs and the original audio. And added bonus of other subbed sentai shows from my childhood.

Many many thanks to the words of wisdom.

As I rewatch (while looking away every now and then, because damn it is silly) some of my favorite episodes (AHAHAHAHAH Issei Hirota so damn cute) I'm amazed at how much subtext went over our heads back then. For instance, I knew even back then that Prince Igam was not as he appeared to be and Fu-Min was very obviously a woman, but the implications of their relationship and their motivations and behavior when seen at the right angles..... Dude. They are so much cooler now. Once you get past the cheesy dialogue, of course.

Also, did you know that Yukari Oshima/Cynthia Luster (a.k.a That Awesome Asian Martial Arts Lady That Appeared in a Lot of Action Movies Back Then) was also in the super sentai business? And that she did her own stunts? Search for "FarrahCat" on Youtube. The Bioman fans ought to recognize her. Little Me thought she was cool, despite her being EEEEVIL. And had also drawn her own EEEVIL ass-kicking costume/character because FarrahCat was so awesome....

Yeah, this is a totally deep and meaningful post. *shakes head sadly* But to add actual, meaningful content:

- Going to the PRC tomorrow to see if I can take the licensure exam
- Am now an "on-call" tutor
- Recital is this Saturday, and I still have no idea why I volunteered to perform
- School won't start for another 2-3 weeks
- Hoping to start advance reading, and maybe get around to writing fic, before school starts again

Hope y'all have a good day/night! *hug*
25th-May-2010 12:40 am(no subject)

I don't want to risk bug spray as I might not have enough range on my canister, and I really don't want to die a bee-stinger death (do not want to find out if I'm allergic to them or not) or sic them on the rest of my family. I don't even know what kind of bees they are. Just that there are ONE TOO FUCKING MANY OH MY GOD BEES. Thankfully it's Sleep Time around here, and everyone should be okay if they just stay in their rooms.

Really, really worried about the damage/injury they might cause. Still Googling for any possible solutions. Have considered making an overseas call to my aunt if necessary.

In other news, I got through the demo well enough to have to fill up a really long employment form that probably didn't need to be that long considering the position I applied for. If only it would get rid of the BEES.

EDIT: Feel slightly ashamed but I made the call anyway. Uncle says to get special spray (which we don't have), use a human shield (which I don't have) or run (which I can do).

Am going to make signs for the unwary slumberers and run for it afterwards.
Won't be a lecturer anymore, just an on-call tutor, assuming I pass the one-on-one teaching demo. At least it's closer to home, and if it bleeds into my school days, it won't be as intrusive as teaching an entire class.

Also, random drive-by plug: The Vampire Diaries might look like Twilight, may seem like Twilight, but has more heart, brains and backbone. It moves at an incredibly fast pace - things happen all the time, can you believe it? It's a nice change of pace from the glacier that is Supernatural. Oh, and the acting's better, too.
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